Brooks Kubik is a five-time national bench press champion who is known to strength trainers around the world as the author of Dinosaur Training: Lost Secrets of Strength and Development, an international best seller that started a strength training revolution when it was published in 1996. It has been called “the bible of strength training.”

Brooks has written and published over 30 books and courses covering:

  • Strength and power training
  • Old-school training methods
  • Home gym training for cellar dwellers and garage gorillas
  • Strength training for sports
  • Physical and mental conditioning
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Iron game history
  • Training for lifelong strength and health

Brooks also publishes The Dinosaur Files, a monthly newsletter covering strength training, muscle building, weight training, physical culture, diet and nutrition, and Iron Game history.

Brooks and his wife, Trudi, live in Port Townsend, Washington. At age 64, with more than half a century of hard training under his belt, Brooks continues to trains regularly both in his home gym and on the rugged beaches of the northern Washington coast.