• Hail To The Dinosaurs!
  • This Month’s Issue
  • A Quick Note On Specialization Workouts
  • If It Hurts . . .
  • Building Your Neck and Traps
  • How To Build Cannonball Delts
  • A Different Approach to Leg Specialization
  • Upper Back and Chest Specialization
  • Back Specialization for Maximum Strength and Muscle Mass
  • How To Build Corrugated Abdominals
  • Arm Specialization for Dinos
  • The Wrap-Up

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  • Hail to the Dinosaurs!
  • Setting Up Our Home Gym for the Winter
  • Isometrics as a Form of Overload Training
  • Bob Hoffman’s favorite Barbell Workout
  • Loaded Carry Specialization for Older Dinos
  • A 60’s Six-Pack Plan by Dr. Zail Khalsa
  • Sandow’s Death by Earle Liederman
  • Quick – Hide that Copy of Strength and Health!
  • The Sig Klein Barbell Curl Challenge
  • Norb Schemansky’s Basic and Brutal Training Program
  • Training Under Adverse Circumstances by Harry Paschall
  • The Wrap-Up

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  • Hail to the Dinosaurs!
  • My Current Training
  • What Do Trudi and Bruno Sammartino Have in Common?
  • Discovering Isometrics in my 60’s! by Jim Johann, Jr.
  • Changing Things Up Again! by Brian DeLong
  • My Training Program at Age 41 by Rich Maw
  • Stronger than Ever at Age 40 by Yurik Mulders
  • Advice from a 67-Year Old Dino by Tom Nowak
  • Five Training Rules for Older Dinos by Dr. Zail Khalsa
  • Making Adjustments – But Still Training by Jim Stone
  • Coming Back After COVID by David Jardine
  • Training with my Grandson by Jerry Ferraiuolo
  • Going Strong at Age 50 by Mike Dieguez
  • A Varied Workout Program at Age 70 by Terry Wittenberg
  • Strength Training at Age 72 by Dan King
  • Hard and Heavy at Age 42 by Jason Beck
  • How a 64-Year Old Working Cowboy Trains by Ellis Thomas Tacke II
  • Coming Back from a Massive Quad Tear – Joe Smith
  • The Wrap-Up

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  • Hail to the Dinosaurs!
  • Try Pause reps for Fast Gains!
  • An Old-School Iso Pause Workout
  • Masking the Most of Your Last Rep
  • Training for Tumultuous Times by Robert Kew
  • Band Training Works Great for Me! by Mark Daniels
  • Effective Strength Training at Age 41 by Paulo Rego
  • People Are Surprised By My Age by Terry Wells
  • Strength Training Saved My Life by Tim Anderson
  • How a Longtime Dino Trains by James McAughren
  • I Love My Training More than Ever by Jeff Farelli
  • Heavy and Light Workouts at Age 44 by Kully Ratu
  • Staying Strong at Age 44 by Mark Djikic
  • Hitting It Hard at Age 62 by Gary Veum
  • Still Training, and Still Trying New Things by Bill Poncetta
  • Strength Ladders, Rep Ladders and Tons of Fun by Stan Plutnicki
  • 67 Years of Strength training by Ron Tamoschat
  • Basic Workouts Keep Me Healthy and Strong by Phil Bugsby
  • How I Train at Age 64 by Gordon Blake
  • Working Out – Hard, Serious and Carefully – As An Older Dino by Brian DeLong
  • My Advice for Older Trainees by Paul Murray
  • Challenge of the Month
  • Protein Needs of Older Trainees
  • The Wrap-Up

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AUGUST, 2021

  • Hail to the Dinosaurs!
  • This Issue by Brooks Kubik
  • Who Wants to Gain Muscular Bodyweight?
  • An Interesting Experiment
  • A Total Body Workout for Strength, Muscle and Conditioning
  • A Super Trap Builder – High Pulls from Blocks
  • Did the Ancient Greeks Do Isometrics?
  • An Old-School Exercise for the Arms and Shoulders
  • Do What You Enjoy the Most!
  • The Best Way to Do Weighted Hyperextensions
  • Dinosaur Protein Burgers
  • The Dinosaur Challenge of the Month
  • Leg Training for Older Dinos
  • Ten Things Worth Remembering
  • An Old-School Deadlift Program
  • How to Time TSC Isometrics
  • The Wrap-Up

August, 2021 Dinosaur Files Newsletter – PDF Download – $9.99

JULY, 2021

  • Hail to the Dinosaurs!
  • A Simple But Effective Workout for Strength and Mass
  • Old-School Upper Body Training
  • Forgotten Strongmen by Stanley Henson
  • Important Safety Rules
  • Two-Finger Pull-Ups
  • Tommy Kono’s Weight Gaining Trick
  • They Say Bodyweight Training Doesn’t Work
  • More Food for Thought
  • Why Isometrics Didn’t Work for You (Or for Me)
  • 50 Years Ago
  • The NFL Physical Fitness Program
  • Better Than Ever by Allan Roth
  • Building a Gorilla Grip with Sandbag Training
  • How to Build Big Traps the Strongman Way by Dustin Jones
  • A Streamlined Workout for Dinos
  • Important Advice for Older Trainees
  • A 30-Day Challenge
  • The Wrap-Up

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JUNE, 2021

  • Hail to the Dinosaurs!
  • 5-in-1 Shoulder Blasting
  • A Fast, Easy and Effective Way to Do Isometric Squats
  • An Old-School Progression Method
  • A New and Effective Grip Blaster – And How to Use It for Maximum Results
  • A Pre-Season Strength and Conditioning Workout for Wrestlers – and Anyone Else Who Wants to Get in Shape Fast!
  • Forgotten Strongmen of the Past — Sherwyn “Thumper” Thorson
  • The Wrap-Up

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MAY, 2021

  • Hail to the Dinosaurs!
  • The Why and How of Effective Specialization Programs
  • When and How to Combine Specialization Programs
  • Building Strength and Muscle with Intensity Enhancing Methods
  • Build Big Arms Fast!
  • How to Build a Massive, Muscular Back
  • Breathing Squats for Weight Reduction!
  • Vince Gironda’s Steak and Egg Diet
  • Test Driving the Vintage Bullworker
  • The Wrap-Up

May, 2021 Dinosaur Files newsletter – PDF Download – $9.99

APRIL, 2021

  • Hail to the Dinosaurs!
  • A New, Brutal and Very Effective Isometric Training System
  • Safe and Effective Leg Training
  • Bullworker Feedback from Dinos
  • Shaking Things Up – Fun New Exercises for An Older Dino! by Allan Roth
  • The Wrap-Up

April, 2021 Dinosaur Files newsletter – PDF Download – $9.99

MARCH, 2021

  • Hail to the Dinosaurs!
  • Seven Ways to Make Heavy Partials Harder and More Effective
  • Hills, Miles, Isometrics, Indian Clubs, Steak and Eggs
  • How Bruce Lee Trained – 10 Training Tips from the Dragon
  • The Wrap-Up

March, 2021 Dinosaur Files newsletter – PDF Download – $9.99


  • Hail to the Dinosaurs!
  • A Pressing Tip from Vince Gironda
  • A New Twist on Dumbbell Curls
  • An Abbreviated Program that Combines Heavy Partials and Full Range Movements
  • George Jowett’s Old-School Kettlebell Exercises
  • How to Fit an Arm Specialization Program Into Your Weekly
  • Training Schedule
  • The Sledgehammer Shoulder Raise
  • Isometrics for the Little Muscles
  • The Chain Bag
  • A Very Tough Leg Workout
  • Dinosaur Radio
  • Special Advice for Stonelifters by Peter Jensen
  • A Baseball Grip Blaster
  • In Memorium: Bradley J. Steiner and Peter Yates
  • Seven Ways to Up Your Strength, Health and Fitness
  • Squats Are Hard by Allan Roth
  • How to Build Rugged Strength and Power Fast and Efficiently
  • New! – Iron Will Course
  • The Wrap-Up

February, 2021 Dinosaur Files newsletter – PDF Download – $9.99


  • Hail to the Dinosaurs!
  • A Super Leg Workout
  • The Remains of the Day by Allan Roth
  • How an Arizona Cowboy Lives and Trains by Ellis Thomas “Tom” Tacke II
  • Older Guy – Still Lifting in his Basement! by Jim Figurniak
  • Lifelong Strength (Part 3) by Peter Yates
  • A New Reality Strength Workout for 65+ Dinos by John Stehman
  • The Fast and Fun Arm Workout
  • Dinosaur Radio Podcast Episode #1
  • The Wrap-Up

January, 2021 Dinosaur Files newsletter – PDF Download – $9.99