The Dinosaur Files is your best way to stay current and up to date on my training programs, workouts, diet and nutrition, and everything we’re doing here at Dinosaur Headquarters.

The Dinosaur Files features my own original articles and original articles by other Dinos. This gives you the broadest possible range of training ideas from trainees of many different backgrounds, interests and ages. In this way, we try to follow the tradition of Peary Rader’s original IronMan magazine and its popular grassroots approach to strength training, muscle building and physical conditioning.

The Dinosaur Files is dedicated to:

  • Drug-free, all-natural strength training and muscle-building.
  • Old-school training methods.
  • Preserving and teaching Iron Game history.
  • Highlighting the best training methods of the past and the present.
  • Teaching a wide variety of training methods using many different types of equipment, including barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, isometric exercisers, power racks, sandbags, heavy awkward objects, bodyweight training, old-school calisthenics, and specialized grip training.
  • Realistic programs, workouts and training methods.
  • Safe, sane, productive and effective training.
  • Inspiring and motivating you to train hard, regularly and consistently.

Many of our readers are older trainees, so we offer many articles specifically aimed at the unique needs of older trainees. If you’re over the age of 40, you won’t find any other publication that speaks to your goals and needs like The Dinosaur Files. To make the most of Dinosaur Training methods, read my books and courses, and continue your strength training education by reading each monthly issue of The Dinosaur Files.

I’ve written the majority of the articles in these issues, so to save space and avoid repetition I won’t identify myself as the author of those articles in the Table of Contents list. If there’s no author listed, it’s my article. Articles written by other Dinos include the author’s name.

Yours in strength,
Brooks Kubik

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